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Every retail problem is an AI problem

One of the open secrets in retail is that conversion rates haven't changed much in years. And while retailers have devoted a lot of time, energy, and money to the problem, we're still stuck at about 3% conversions. It's time to try something different.

At Sentient, we think every retail problem is an AI problem. We've launched Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend to solve two of the more pervasive ones. 

Aware uses deep learning to understand each individual customer's preferences as they shop, letting you understand their sense of style and surface personalized product recommendations.

Ascend leverages genetic algorithms and marketer's inherent creativity to optimize websites from thousands of possible designs. 

Getting to Global invited Sentient Technologies, based in San Francisco, to contribute content toward informing American small business users about how AI is revolutionizing the eCommerce space. 

Here you'll find interviews and insights with Sentient's leadership team. 

Contact with questions and to follow up. 

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